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The first program Prime Space – The  Opening  is designed for Inner Transformation, which is a very crucial aspect of Personal Development. Inner Transformation maybe something  very subtle, even not noticeable.  It can be also a very powerful experience…read more.
The second program Prime Space – Singularity, which can be played directly after the first one is trying to help you to reach a singularity point in your perception: no time and space defined – everything possible is possible.  Some would call it “Enlightenment”, some just “waking up” from a grand simulation…read more.

Personal Development is the most valuable gift you could ever give yourself….and others this year.

So, imagine if you could give the people you care for most a gift that would last a lifetime?

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You can now purchase AudioStrobe Gift Coupon’s – in various denominations so that you can give away a powerful gift that helps make a positive difference.

The recipient of your gift voucher will then be able to download their chosen Personal Development products like MP3 recording/s with guided voice narrative, brain stimulating technologies, biofeedback systems, and enjoy an amazing positive experience.

Make 2017 a special Year:


We live in very “fast” times. Often there is no time left for our children, proper recreation and regeneration.
We did not have time to adapt as species to the changes we have created ourselves. That’s why we are going “insane” as the civilization and as individuals.


Time is money is a general credo.

Whereby “Money is time” is a general illusion driving more and more into the consumption patterns of the “western culture” and into personal and global burnout.

On other extreme we have like “Mora Mora” in many parts of Madagascar, where time flows so slow…too slow for most of us. But the locals do not want to become “robots” and stick to the old way of life, very slowly accepting the progress.



And there is another approach to time coming from Asian cultures: “To switch the time flow ON and OFF” – from “isogashi” to “ochitsuita”  –  from “fast” to “peace of mind” in a deep meditation.

We can learn from every culture on this small planet and select the best strategies for keeping our mind and body healthy: to be able to slow down and be still, to recover from stress, to be able to activate and be fast, to switch on and off and also to let the time flow and … stay focused and be aware.

The solutions(s) we offer make a synergy of the the cultures – making a bridge between thousand years of  tradition and modern science and we see it as very effective toolbox for Personal Development.

“Personal Development is the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself….and the best investment you will ever make”

Personal Development is the conscious pursuit and commitment to personal growth, expanding self-awareness, knowledge and improving personal skills.
We live in a fast mast world (and it’s getting faster) and many people now feel out of sync, lost, confused and disillusioned with the life they are experiencing.
We all have a choice – and once you understand how to make small consistent changes in your life you can begin to improve your mental resilience, physical prowess, emotional wellbeing, relationships and financial circumstances.
When you embrace Personal Development you can begin to learn what makes you tick, find your “why”, identify what is truly important to you and then create a positive strategy to achieve the life you want.
These skills include mind, body and spirit. The ultimate goal of Personal Development is to be a self-realized human being – so that you can live consciously, achieve your full potential, gain fulfillment and have real happiness in your life.
The benefits of embracing personal development include:

  • Knowing who you are and what you really want.
  • Having a clear vision of your Life Path.
  • Having control of cause and effect in your life.
  • Being in charge of your personal and professional life.
  • Having the power to attract your perfect life partner.
  • Having the power to understand and heal yourself.
  • Being able to use your intuition.
  • Understand how to deliberately use the Law Of Attraction in your life.
  • Being able to show gratitude and love your life.

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