02 Feb

AudioStrobe Newsletter 2018-02-02

These three Power Break recordings are designed to fit into your day so that you can listen to them before you start your day, during your lunch break or whenever you require a boost before going into an examination/test situation or just a new job to be done successfully! Power Break recordings combine guided voice […]

01 Jan

AudioStrobe Newsletter 2018-01-01

There is a very special aspect of truth, for each of us. So much we stick to our “illusions” who we are and about who others are. The neuroscience is giving us about 6 seconds to make a decision, before we are aware of it. Or another way, they know 6 seconds before you know […]

10 Oct

AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-10-10

  Mindfulness Body Scan – Focus Power Break  17:26 This Power Break recording has been created to teach and guide you through a Mindfulness process so that you can apply the technique in your everyday life. The recording also focuses on balancing the energy centres (Chakras) in the body as part of a self-healing process. Blocked […]

04 Aug

AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-08-04

“Energized” by the last track, cooled by summer temperatures, which are rather low here, I have begun to work on a new album, which I will call “Ubiquity”. The inspiration came from a forgotten book in my collection, written by Mark Buchanan. I started to read it in 2004 and then gave it up and […]

10 Jun

AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-06-10

We all long for a kind of Continuity. It is our natural desire to be able to refer to something “continuous”. In this universal desire over millennia we have created religions, philosophical systems and legends which give us a framework. Most of our cultural, social and political systems refer to some kind of Continuity. We […]

29 Apr

AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-05-02

25% off! Our special offers for the next  2 weeks are: VERIM – Science for Development of Empathy and Compassion. Having just a simple majority in the Parliament  they first targeted the highest Polish institution, the Constitutional Tribunal. This way just with a simple majority in the Polish Parlament PiS was able to change the law to […]

10 Apr

AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-04-10

The winner of the 3rd/4th April AudioStrobe Prize Draw is …..click here! There were several “empty” entries and one empty gift coupon was used for a purchase. We have decided to make a special, unannounced prize for all valid entries: a 25.00 £ Gift Coupon for all MP3s. We will share some of the entries in […]

01 Apr

AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-04-01

As first the final reminder for our 3rd April Prize Draw. We do not have so many entries as expected, so the chances for you are still good. Register now or just send us an email describing your AudioStrobe experience. We close in the late morning of 4th April, so that our AudioStrobe users in […]

17 Mar

AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-03-17

  It looks like the next album will be ready soon and be called “Prime Space Mantra”. More in the next newsletter, so is the plan. Today there are two new topics:     So if you are in Poland, Pomorskie, you are welcome or if you have  have friends there, please let them know, […]

26 Feb

AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-02-26

  The album  “Prime Canyon” and “Prime Space” were really “an Opening” for me. In many ways. This new album “TRANSCRIPTION” is more than I have expected! This story is too personal to be shared in a newsletter today. What I can tell you right now is what was my inspiration to create “TRANSCRIPTION”. Many years ago […]